Corolle Baby Doll ~ Florolle Capucine
Florolle Capucine is 13-inch soft body doll, the perfect size for young make-believe mommies and daddies to cradle in their arms. She has silky, rooted hair styled in a bob, a playful look in her brown painted eyes and a...
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Corolle Baby Doll ~ Lilou
Lilou is the perfect large baby doll for caring for doll like real parents.At 14”, it is just the right size for a child's little arms - perfect for cuddling, mothering and copying what grown-ups do when caring for their...
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Corolle Baby Doll ~ Little Artist Augustin
Augustin Little Artist Augustin Little Artist is a large, 14-inch Corolle soft-bodied baby doll with light bule sleepy eyes for little ones wanting a baby of their own to love. Its size fits perfectly in your child's arms and is...
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