Ooly Lil' Juicy Scented Topper Eraser ~ Strawberry
Add some cuteness to your pencils with the Lil’ Juicy Scented Pencil Toppers. These sweet smelling erasers have 4 different fruity scents to choose from; strawberry, grape, blueberry and watermelon. The juice box shaped pack includes 3 fun fruit inspired...
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Ooly Cutie Pops Scented Erasers - Set of 3
The Cutie Pops Strawberry Scented Puzzle Erasers are here to brighten up your day in every way! Erase away all your pencil mistakes with an amazing strawberry scented eraser set. Mix and match the pieces to create new erasers as you go! Never before...
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Ooly Left & Right Crayons
Are you right handed? Left handed? Ambidextrous? It doesn't matter with Left Right Crayons, they are ergonomic for everyone! These easy-to-hold crayons make drawing works of art comfortable and fun. Left Right Crayons are made with an eco-friendly polymer, are...
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Omy Giant Coloring Poster and 4 Colored Pencils ~ Games
This giant poster is a coloring playground filled with fun creative activities and games such as dot to dot, differences, labyrinth...Unique : double tipped pencil included: one side is a 4 colored tip for coloring and the other is graphite...
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Omy Giant Glow in the Dark Coloring Poster w/ Stickers ~ Space Station
  Space adventures fascinate everyone, and recently NASA's latest voyage inspired the world to dream. This incredible craft imagined by OMY takes us on an intergalactic journey with astronauts and UFOs! Included: 1 glow in the dark stickers sheet to illuminate...
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Omy Neon Markers
9 Neon colors : Neon-Yellow ( x2) , Neon-orange, Neon-green, Neon-purple, Neon blue, Neo-pink (x2) Double-tipped : One fine and one Large Content 9 neon markers Made in Italy
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Super Smalls Ultimate Mega Sized Sticker Book
700+ Stickers. Need We Say More?! Rainbows, unicorns, butterflies, glow-in-the-dark stars, oversized gemstones and MORE. With over 700 stickers, the Ultimate Sticker Book really lives up to its name! It's a SUPERsized sticker book with plenty of stickers of every...
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Wacky Links Mermaid Series 1
Two-peg links: Mermaids, Shells, Sandcastles, Starfish, Tridents, Mermen TIP: MIX WITH CONNECTOR KIT TO CREATE WACKY MERMAID SHAPES   Mermaid Themed Links 15 Tubes 20 Links Mermaid Series Let your child use their imagination to connect colorful tubes with themed charms....
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Ooly Rainbow Glitter Gem Scented Erasers
Erase in rainbow style with Rainbow Glitter Gem Scented Erasers. These fruit scented erasers stack together in rainbow glitter plastic casing that’ll have you erasing pencil mistakes in style. Choose from 4 different glitter barrel designs all featuring a gemmed...
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Omy Giant Sticker Poster ~ Atlas
  Giant world map to decorate with 150 stickers included! A real graphic trip to share with a lot of humor and a multitude of details.  Contains 1 poster and 100 stickers Format open : 27" x 39" Composition 100% paper Made in France
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Omy Giant Sticker Poster ~ Kawaii
  Irresistible illustrations inspired from the Japanese Kawaii universe, a little world filled with adorable details and characters. Have fun with the giant Search & Find poster activity with more than 100 stickers to entertain kids for hours. Contains 1 poster...
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Omy Gel Crayons
Ideal for kids ! Box of 9 gel crayons : intense and smooth watercolors The box becomes a pretty pencil holder for your desk or office
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