Eeboo Robots Mission Tell Me a Story
Robot characters line up to assemble a science fiction fantasy. Pick some automated animals and a space-aged skyline to start a futuristic story. Use this beautifully illustrated visual card set by Saxton Freymann to create your own stories! Can be...
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Eeboo Pin the tail on the donkey game
There are 32 numbered removable sticker tails, enough for multiple events or a classroom full of kids. A real fabric bandana blindfold covers players eyes while they try to place those tails without looking. 2 to 32 players.   Features:...
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Eeboo world map
Countries and oceans, landmarks and beasts Make our world what it is, North, South, West and East. Learning about it can be such a snap If you spend lots of time looking over this map!   This colorful map of...
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Eeboo Life on Earth 20pc puzzle
Forest animals are gathering by the river! Can YOU help piece together the scene? This peaceful illustration by Melissa Sweet is friendly and colorful. Puzzles are the perfect project for little hands! The process of piecing together a puzzle aids...
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Paper Dolls A Day in Paris
Olivie and Alice - girls with a desire to create! They work hard to hone their craft! Illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell   Features: For ages 5 and up 2 sided stand-up scene 20" x 10" 2 thoughtful girls printed on...
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Eeboo Solar System Poster
eeBoo’s Solar System Map shows the vast array of cosmic bodies that exist in our corner of the universe. An educational map full of facts about the planets (and dwarf planet) in our solar system, their moons, and the science...
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Eeboo sea life 20 pc puzzle
Embark on an undersea adventure with the Sea Life 20 Piece Puzzle. Have a whale of a time as you explore the briny deep in this 20 piece jigsaw puzzle
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Eeboo hearts playing cards
The classic game of Hearts, featuring beautifully graphic illustrations by award winning children's illustrator Marjorie Priceman.   Features:   For ages 5 and up Cards are 3.25" x 4.5" Instructions included
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Eeboo Hand Me the Candy Game
Which candy will you get? Salt water taffy, a conversation heart, a gumball, or one of the other sweet treats. In eeBoo’s Hand Me a Candy you find the right sweets by touch. Helps strengthen shape recognition and tactile skills....
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