Jellycat Curvie Dino
Curvie Dino is rumple-rambunctious, with scruffly fur in fresh ferny green! This hunchy, happy, flumpy triceratops is very proud of that velvety frill! With suedey horns, a teeny tail and squishable feet, this dreamy dino's a treat. SAFETY & CARE...
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Jellycat Little Unicorn
Soothing spells and forest dells. Legend has it that Little Unicorn popped right out of a passing cloud! Tousled in sweet vanilla fur, with a silky strawberry mane and tail, this unicorn has a soft twisty horn shimmering with enchantments....
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Jellycat Fossily Stegosaurus
Merrily munching lots of leaves! Gorgeously grassy, with a huggable hump, it's friendly Fossilly Stegosaurus! This delightful dino has soft, foldy spines, chunkity paws and a long, loping tail. Groovy in green and fond of foliage, this squishy stego is...
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Jellycat If I Were a Unicorn Book
Sparkles, stars and soft pink fur! Come for a ride through the enchanted forest with the If I Were A Unicorn Book. A magical way to teach storytelling, this candy pink board book is bursting with charm! Would-be wizards can imagine...
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Jellycat Bashful Dino ~ Small
A prehistoric pal! Bashful Dino is making history! Soft, not scaly, this mossy matey has chunky stomper-feet, a snuggly snout and fine squishy spines from head to tail! This dynamic dino is always rambling round, giving hugs to every t-rex...
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Jellycat Bashful Unicorn Ring Rattle
Easy squeezy to hold. The perfect pal for tiny paws, it’s the Bashful Unicorn Grabber. Playing with this magical unicorn helps babies develop their hand-eye skills. Don’t be surprised if they hold on tight, even after they’ve fallen asleep. Tested...
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Jellycat Bashful Unicorn ~ Large
Step into realms of great snuggles! We’ve always dreamed of making friends with a unicorn, so when Bashful Unicorn asked to join Team Jellycat, we shook his soft hoof and welcomed him in! This gorgeous creamy fellow has a fab...
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Jellycat Book ~ Unicorn Tails
Fluffy, glittery, sparkly, lovely! Discover a magical animal world with the Unicorn Tails Book! Gorgeously colourful, feely and funny, this soft cloth story explores all of the fanciful, fairytale tails!   Tested against and passed ASTM requirements. Suitable from birth....
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Jellycat Fancy Swan Fluffy
Fancy Swan Fluffy makes us want to nod off for a romantic rest, full of fairytale dreams. With a suedey beak in black and gold, creamy velveteen head and neck, and a gorgeous golden crown, this sweet swan sets the...
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Jellycat Bashful Unicorn ~ Huge
Sugar-sweet in pink and white, Bashful Unicorn is such a delight. Full of magic and moonlight, she loves the forest, so be sure to take her on any picnic. So very cuddly, with squish-squashy hooves, even her horn is shimmery-soft....
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