Jellycat Amore Cat ~ Black
Chill out with a chonky chum. Amore Cat Black is a great big snuggle in cat form. This sleepy silly is perfectly podgy in textured jet-black fur. With waggly whiskers, dreamy eyes, a swooshy tail and teeny paws, this lazy...
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Jellycat Munchkin Pup
A pip of a pup! Scrumbly scrambler Munchkin Pup is a diddy dollop of chocolate oatmeal. With flopsy brown ears, bright hazel eyes, a praline patch and a waggly tail, this sweetpea knows how to Sit, Stay and Snuggle. Pop...
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Jellycat Swellegant Kitty Cat
Are you ready to shine? Swellegant Kitty Cat steps onstage and swishes that long, chunky tail! Oh-so-cool in charcoal grey, this cat wears a wild mane of cream and black fur to go with her awesome boot cuffs! Swellegant Kitty...
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Jellycat Puffles Puppy ~ Really Big
What a loyal lovely. A supersweet playmate for any baby, Puffles Puppy is such a gentle poppet. Beautifuly soft in creamy fur, with chocolate patches, ears and nose, this patient wee pup will perch on the bed and look forward...
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